Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We had a Great fourth of July. Marshaels family came over for dinner and fireworks. It was way nice just to bum around.

Blue white and Red smoke bombs.

The Fam

Marsh helping newt with a sparkler

Marsh and I

Marsh and Maggie watching fireworks

The Family again

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Browne Lake!!

Its always a good time when all the family gets together. This year for the BIG camping trip we went to Browne Lake in the high Unitas. By the time we finally got there and everything set up it was just about time for dinner. The first and only wildlife that we seen was a small bull moose on Thursday night. Its really hard to see him because he was across the lake.

The Fish were jumping like crazy the whole weekend but they didn't like anything that we had to feed them.

Friday everyone just wanted to fish, so marshael and i decided to take that dogs out and run them with the four wheeler. We found this ATV trail that runs along the river. It was an old military wagon trail. We only went three miles but holy cow i don't know what they were thinking back in those day. Maggie would lay down in the river when we would have to cross it, I guess she was hot.

Saturday was quit the experience. We floated the green river just outside of flaming gorge. It is just a self guide. We were having a great time, we came upon the biggest rapid on the green river called the mother-in-law. The water run right a long a rock wall so we opted to stay more towards the middle what we didn't see was this rock until we hit it. We hit it side ways and sunked the boat half way under and threw everyone out but me because my foot got stuck in the boat. when i finally got my foot out i crawled up on the rock just when i did i heard marsh yelling for me. Ill admit it, i was scared, we all had life jackets on but i didn't dare jump because of the under tows and all the rocks that were around. Finally after about 15 minutes of boats just going passed, we were blessed that one finally stoped to help. We tried to get the raft but it would move, so i just used that rope and jumped and they pulled me to safety. I am truly grateful for Scott and Keith for stopping and helping. I have a bunch of bruises and a sprained ankle but ill take it just to be OK. They say its happens alot on this rock.

My little family that i am grateful for. I love you so much Marsh

Just the girls. Katie, Mom, Cari, I and can't forget Maggie

Everyone that came minus my uncle Joel he was setting up the camera and my mom was taking pictures.

All Because two people fell in love!Grandma and Grandpa Ramsdell, we are so grateful that they were able to come up.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Newest Addition!!

The newest addition to the tripp clan is finally here. Baby McCrae Deloy Kinsman came saturday. He is the biggest baby so far at 7lbs 2oz and 20.5inches long. Congrats to his Partents Rob and Stacy. We are so Happy that he is here.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Last night as we were getting ready for bed and i opened the back door to see if the garage doors were shut.One of the doors has to be Manually close and as i got closer there were about four barn swallows that were sleeping on the door and they freaked out and started flying all over. It probably took marsh and I about 45 minutes to get them out.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pony Express

Its that time again, time for the pony express. Every year there is a reenactment of the pony express that back in the 1860's to carry mail from St.Joseph, MO to Sacramento, CA on horse back. The Tripp's have been doing this for generations now.Marshael just received his 15 years patch.Something that he wants to carry on with our kids. This year we took the mail from Murray park in down town salt lake to Simpson springs out on the west desert. We were very lucky that the weather was good for us since everyone else had to deal with the rain and mud. Normally by the time the day is over they run a total of 4 miles, but this year marsh ran 12 miles total( due to lack of riders and a pregnant sister). You can read more about it at
This is Marsh swearing in.

Waiting for the mail at Murray Park running about 5 hours behind due to weather.

A family friend

Marsh waiting for the mail on his first 2 Miles in salt lake.

Marsh and I and Tequila

Marsh being handed the mochila(which holds the mail)by mike his dad.

Marsh on 5 mile pass

Marsh was so poud because it had tequila running about 30 mph.

Everyone hanging out out on the desert

Finally the mochila is to Simpson Springs( A job well done)

On the way home coming a crossed the west desert there was a herd of horses(about 125 horse)were on their way to get water when they split our truck. I wish i knew how to upload from my video camera so everyone could see it because it was the neatest thing i have seen. Here a couple of pictures that we took.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Fairytale....

Once apon a time there was a handsome boy....

...And a pretty girl...

...Eventually, when they were all grown up, Fate would bring them together and in no time at all they would fall madly in love....

....And were married.... live happily ever after...

Marshael and I have been happily married for 6 months today and we are loving every minute of it. I am so blessed and grateful to have Marshael in my life. Thank you Marshael for being suck a wonderfull husband and my best friend. Marshael is truly the love of my life. I love him with all my heart and i can't wait for all the many years to come...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Home

This passed weekend we moved finally its been a long wait trying to get everything in order, but its now official.

Its been biter sweet for me because this was our first house together and we have great memories in the old house.....

.... But i know that there will be plenty to come in our new house..